Congestive Heart Failure

Congestive Heart Failure

Congestive heart failure is a chronic progressive condition.

It is an abnormality caused by loss of muscle, high blood pressure and narrowing of the heart’s arteries that reduces the its ability to contract as much as it needs to in order to pump blood effectively. This leads to functional heart tissue loss and vascular cell death from a lack of oxygen. The loss of vascular cells, in charge of building blood vessels in the circulatory system, only compounds the oxygen deficit. It causes heart muscles to weaken and stiffen further reducing its ability to pump.

It manifests as shortness of breath, dizziness, fatigue, weakness, arrhythmia and palpitation. A compromised circulatory system does not provide organs with sufficient oxygen. Swelling and water retention is a sign that the kidneys are affected. Over time, fluid begins building up around the heart making it even harder to function competently.


How Our Products Can Treat Congestive Heart Disease

We use products derived from human baby umbilical cord tissues in all our therapy programs - Wharton's Jelly MSCs (wjMSCs). Our products are special because they can:

  • cross the endothelial barrier [1,2].
  • migrate to sites of injury (chemotaxis) [3,4,5].
  • communicate with and alter nearby cells (paracrine effect) [6,7,8].
  • encourage existing cells to self-repair (autocrine effect) [8,9,10].
  • prevent rejection by regulating the immune system (immunomodulation) [3,4,11,12,13,14,15,16,17].
  • reduce inflammation [4,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23].
  • prevent cells from dying (apoptosis) [3,4,7,18,22,24].
  • transform into heart cells (cardiomyocytes) [5,25,26,27].
  • incapable of forming tumours [3,13,14,28].
  • release cardioprotective factors [5,22,23].
  • encourage existing cells to adapt (plasticity) [2].
  • treat and decrease formation of fibrotic tissue(s) [29].


Treating Congestive Heart Failure

It wasn’t until recently that scientists began exploring the use of wjMSCs in treating heart-related diseases in humans. In that time, a few animal model studies have proven that they can help with congestive heart failure. 

In 2009, French researchers used murine models to demonstrate that wjMSCs were able to significantly decrease ventricular fibrosis in myocardial infarction. This brought about a morphological and functional improvement in the treated mice [29]. A collaborative South American study found that wjMSCs were able to reduce inflammation in cardiac muscles and prevent cardiomyocytes from dying. This attenuated injury and improved the cardiac function of mice suffering from sepsis-related organ dysfunction [22]. The same group then went on to prove that wjMSCs were able to restore and regulate heart rate as well as play a protective role in murine models as well [23].

It wasn’t until six years later that China began human trials on the efficacy of wjMSCs in treating acute myocardial infarction. The study, conducted by the Shenzhen Beike Cell Engineering Research Institute, involved 116 patients from 10 hospitals monitored over a period of 18 months. PET and SPECT scans determined that the group treated with wjMSCs saw an absolute increase in cardiac viability and improved circulation within the affected region of the heart. The same group also presented significantly greater global left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF) and decreased left ventricular end-systolic and end-diastolic volumes [30].

That same year, a team from Xuzhou Medical College transplanted wjMSCs into 15 patients with coronary chronic total occlusion. Divided into groups of three, each group was treated with varying doses of wjMSCs. After two years of observations, all 15 patients reported a reduction in infarct size as well as improvement in left ventricular ejection fraction [31].


Cyrona’s Program

Achieving high standards in our work is of paramount importance to us. Depending on a patient’s needs, we combine our premium grade Passage 2 wjMSCs with physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy and/or rehabilitative medicine. 

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Why Choose Cyrona?

  • Latest cellular research and technology.
  • Unique, tailored therapy outlines.
  • Products that meet international standards.
  • Microbiology & clinical team with extensive experience in advanced medicine.
  • Board-certified physicians geared towards patient safety.
  • Fact-based information from clinical studies and trials.
  • No outlandish promises of a one-stop-cure or false improvement rates.


Therapy Packages

All our therapy packages come inclusive of:



  • Premium grade Passage 2 wjMSCs.
  • Treatment by qualified specialist(s).
  • Certificate of Analysis (CoA).
  • Airport transfer.
  • Transportation to & from therapy session(s).
  • Accommodation.
  • Hospital room for therapy.



  • Premium grade Passage 2 wjMSCs.
  • Treatment by qualified specialist(s).
  • Certificate of Analysis (CoA).
  • Transportation to & from therapy session(s).
  • Hospital room for therapy.


How Do We Proceed

All our therapies are charged based on the number of wjMSCs and supplementary infusions required for the patient’s specific condition. As no two people are alike, our specialists review each patient’s medical reports before tailoring a therapy catered to addressing his or her individual needs.

You may chat with one of our Customer Care Representatives or send an e-mail detailing the patient’s condition to one of our Liaison Officers. It would expedite the process if you can provide us with:

  • Imaging results (MRI scan / CT scan / X-Ray).
  • Hematology reports (blood test).
  • Doctor’s assessment reports.
  • Pictures or videos of the patient (if relevant).

Upon getting in touch with us, a Liaison Officer evaluates and assigns the case to the specialist best equipped to treat the condition. A therapy, unique only to the patient, is drawn up and a price quoted accordingly.

Should you decide to proceed with therapy, our specialists require that all patients have Cancer Marker Screening performed in their country of residence before travelling to us for therapy. If the patient has had Cancer Marker Screening within the last 3 months, you may e-mail those results to us. In the event that the patient’s Cancer Marker Screening results are not satisfactory, our specialists will refuse to proceed with therapy. It is for this reason that we requests that patients have Cancer Marker Screening performed in their country of residence prior to travelling to us.

One week prior to arrival, a deposit payment is required in order to arrange accommodation and transportation.

Full payment is required to be made one-day prior to therapy commencement.

Post-treatment, our specialist will provide the patient with a post-treatment protocol as well as what to expect on his or her journey towards a better, and hopefully, healthier new life.


Kindly get in touch with us for the sources listed throughout this article.

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