As no two patients are alike, each therapy plan is based on each patient’s medical records. Our specialists request that patients share with us accurate and recent medical reports. These are not compulsory but any:

  • Doctor's summary report of the patient’s condition.
  • Imaging scan reports (MRI / CT / X-ray / PET scan).
  • Blood test results.
  • Urine test results.
  • Video(s) to determine motor function, mobility or cognition (if relevant).
  • Patient details (Name, age and gender).
  • Cancer Marker Screening results.

Please get in touch with us at for a more detailed list of required information.


If you do not have any medical reports, you may opt:

  • For a basic treatment package.
  • To have the necessary tests performed in your country of residence.
  • To request that the necessary tests be done here in Kuala Lumpur prior to your treatment with us*.

*This can be arranged, at the patient’s own expense, and will require a longer stay. It is strongly advised that you have all tests, scans and cancer marker screening performed in your country of residence. This is because our specialists will refuse therapy to patients whose test results fail to meet the required safety standards.


Once the test results have been received, the Liaison Officer assigned to your case will then confer with our team of specialists and construct a unique therapy specifically for the patient.

An outline of the:

  • Proposed therapy.
  • Duration of treatment.
  • Package details.
  • Cost.

will then be e-mailed to you.


Should you decided to proceed with therapy, please be advised that a deposit payment is required one week prior to arrival. This is to facilitate the booking of accommodation and transportation for the duration of your stay.

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