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Cyrona Cell is geared towards providing patients with unique and multifactorial treatment options. We combine long-term conventional drug therapies and rehabilitative therapies with short-term multifactorial treatments (using Wharton's Jelly MSCs) that are achievable, sustainable, effective and associated with clinically meaningful improvements. 

We treat every patient as an individual. Therefore no two therapies are the same. Each patient’s prior medical history and health requirements are taken into careful consideration before treatment plans are meticulously drawn up by our team of specialists.

Named for Sirona; the Celtic goddess of healing associated with healing springs; we have a strong and continued commitment to honesty, safety and innovation. We provide comprehensive treatment options for both local and international patients. From our humble base in the vibrant Kuala Lumpur, our therapies have helped enrich the lives of numerous patients from the far reaches of the globe, predominantly Australia and the Middle East.

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