Cyrona Cell is geared towards providing patients with unique and multifactorial treatment options. Depending on each patient’s need, we combine conventional therapy programs with revolutionary new therapies.



Physiotherapy is usually prescribed to relieve pain, restore normal function and strength, prevent further injury and promote healthy living and lifestyles. Therapy and rehabilitation services include:

Rehabilitation program:

  • Special regime/protocol, sports, vestibular, diabetic, cardiac, hypertension, pulmonary, rheumatology, neurology (adult and paediatric), spinal, amputee etc.

Fitness and exercises:

  • Obesity, geriatric, fall prevention, osteoporosis, early intervention and preventive exercise programs for fitness conscious individuals.

Special client management:

  • Antenatal & postnatal, urogynae prolapse, incontinence, lymphedema.

Consultation & education:

  • Ergonomic, back & neck care, prevention and early intervention exercise regime.


Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy is the assessment and treatment of people of all ages with physical and mental health problems through specifically selected and graded activities. Therapy and rehabilitation services include:

Cognitive-Perceptual Training:

  • Cognitive assessment, activities to improve memory, attention span and perceptual problems.

Self-Care Training and Retraining:

  • Activities to improve grooming, hygiene, bathing, dressing and eating skills as well as on work and home skills, e.g. cooking, gardening and others. The patient and caregiver are taught to use assistive devices to achieve the above.

Joint Protection Techniques and Energy Conservation:

  • An education program to discuss and teach technique/principles to help persons with arthritis cope with the demands of daily activities.

Hands/Upper Limbs Performance Retraining Program:

  • Active or assisted therapeutic activities to improve hand and upper limbs task performance.

Rehabilitation & Home Support Equipment and Aids:

  • Assessment, supply, training and maintenance of this equipment.


Speech & Language Therapy

Speech therapy may be prescribed to rehabilitate a patient after a brain injury, neuromuscular diseases, stroke and other injuries / illnesses. Our speech–language pathologists work collaboratively with patients, families and related professionals to ensure the patient’s needs are addressed holistically. They assess and treat individuals from children to adults with speech, language, voice and fluency disorders. Therapy and rehabilitation services include:

  • Assessment of speech, language, voice & fluency disorders.
  • Swallowing and Feeding Training Activities to improve on feeding, chewing and swallowing.
  • Speech and Communication Training Activities to improve speech, understanding and reading. Alternative communication, e.g. communication aids may be used.


Rehabilitation Medicine

Rehabilitation Medicine involves the diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of people with limited function as a consequence of disease, injury, impairment and/or disability. It focuses on the structural and functional characteristics of people in relation to mobility, self-care and all other human activities and on the psychological responses and social consequences associated with loss of function. Some of our specialized programs include:

  • Neurological rehabilitation.
  • Spinal rehabilitation.
  • Paediatric rehabilitation.
  • Amputee rehabilitation.

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