Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS)

Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS)

Fibromyalgia is first and foremost a neurological disorder.

Studies posit that the initial onset can be precipitated by traumatic injury, a severe systemic infection, surgery or a physically and emotionally traumatic experience.The significant trauma experienced by the patient’s results in abnormal levels of certain chemicals in the brain (neuropathic pain). This causes axons and glial cells to malfunction which in turn affect the way the central nervous system processes pain. Every sensation is either painfully amplified or numbed.

Apart from muscle pain and paresthesia (tingling or prickly sensations in either both arms or both legs), somatic symptoms include chronic fatigue, difficulty concentrating , weakness and numbness in the extremities, irritable bowel syndrome, interstitial cystitis, chronic migraines, painful and tender points (or trigger points) as well as sleep, memory and mood issues.


How Our Products Can Treat Fibromyalgia

We use products derived from human baby umbilical cord tissues in all our therapy programs - Wharton's Jelly MSCs (wjMSCs). Our products are special because they can:

  • prevent cells from dying (apoptosis) [1,2,3,4,5].
  • encourage existing cells to self-repair (autocrine effect) [6,7,8].
  • transform into neurons and glial cells [5,9,10,11,12,13].
  • promote the formation of nerve cell axons (axogenesis) [14,15].

But, as we know, cells are not damaged or lost in the course of fibromyalgia. To date, there is no cure for fibromyalgia. Instead, what treatment can do is treat the symptoms of the disease with the most success.

Chemical imbalances and an injured immune system are thought to be the main causes of the disease. Inflammatory bowel disease, a symptom of fibromyalgia, is a chronic inflammatory bowel disease that attacks the entire digestive system while chronic migraines are caused by neurogenic inflammation. Fibromyalgia patients can benefit from wjMSCs as they are:

  • prevent rejection by regulating the immune system (immunomodulation) [1,2,16,17,18,19,20,21,22].
  • reduce inflammation [2,4,9,14,21,22,23].
  • communicate with and alter nearby cells (paracrine effect) [3,6,24].
  • incapable of forming tumours [1,18,19,25].
  • release neuroprotective factors [3,26].
  • encourage existing cells to adapt (neuroplasticity) [27,28,29].

The human brain is strictly regulated by the blood-brain barrier (BBB). This is a semipermeable endothelial membrane that separates blood from cerebrospinal fluid. It is a highly selective mechanism that allows only a select few types of cells, particles and molecules enter the brain. In this respect, wjMSCs are known to be able to:

  • cross the endothelial brain barrier [30,31,32,33].
  • migrate to sites of injury (chemotaxis) [1,2].


Treating Fibromyalgia

A collaborative study by the College of Medicine at the University of Ulsan and the University of California published in the Scientific Reports journal concluded that wjMSCs increased anti-inflammatory cells while reducing pro-inflammatory cells in the intestine, encouraged healing and recovered damaged epithelial barrier cells in mice models of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) [34].

A clinical trial conducted by Nanjing University Medical School transplantated a combination of wjMScs and bone marrow MSCs (bmMSCs) into 7 patients with refractory inflammatory bowel disease. They found that a combination of therapy, steroids and immunomodulatory medication successfully achieved remission in three months in five of the patients with remission lasting two years in two patients [35]

Researchers at the Huazhong University of Science and Technology in China performed intrathecal injections of wjMSCs in rats with spinal nerve ligation. They found that treatment successfully ameliorated central pain sensitization (allodynia) and hypersensitivity to heat (hyperalgesia). They attributed the success to wjMSCs ability to inhibit and suppress mechanisms of neuroinflammation [36].

Cornell Medical College, New York found that MSCs extracted from the patient’s own fatty tissue (adipose MSCs) successfully alleviated refractory chronic migraines in 77% of patients in a study that reported decreased Migraine Disability Assessment (MIDAS) scores while 22% of participants had meaningful improvements [37].

An Australian study made a preliminary assessment using adipose MSCs to treat neuropathic pain (such as paresthesia and neuropathic trigeminal pain). Their assessment found pain intensity scores and dependence on anti-neuropathic medication successfully reduced in five out of nine subjects in just six months post-infusion [38].


Cyrona’s Program

Achieving high standards in our work is of paramount importance to us. Depending on a patient’s needs, we combine our premium grade Passage 2 wjMSCs with physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy and/or rehabilitative medicine. 

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Why Choose Cyrona?

  • Latest cellular research and technology.
  • Unique, tailored therapy outlines.
  • Products that meet international standards.
  • Microbiology & clinical team with extensive experience in advanced medicine.
  • Board-certified physicians geared towards patient safety.
  • Fact-based information from clinical studies and trials.
  • No outlandish promises of a one-stop-cure or false improvement rates.


Therapy Packages

All our therapy packages come inclusive of:



  • Premium grade Passage 2 wjMSCs.
  • Treatment by qualified specialist(s).
  • Certificate of Analysis (CoA).
  • Airport transfer.
  • Transportation to & from therapy session(s).
  • Accommodation.
  • Hospital room for therapy.



  • Premium grade Passage 2 wjMSCs.
  • Treatment by qualified specialist(s).
  • Certificate of Analysis (CoA).
  • Transportation to & from therapy session(s).
  • Hospital room for therapy.


How Do We Proceed

All our therapies are charged based on the number of wjMSCs and supplementary infusions required for the patient’s specific condition. As no two people are alike, our specialists review each patient’s medical reports before tailoring a therapy catered to addressing his or her individual needs.

You may chat with one of our Customer Care Representatives or send an e-mail detailing the patient’s condition to one of our Liaison Officers. It would expedite the process if you can provide us with:

  • Imaging results (MRI scan / CT scan / X-Ray).
  • Hematology reports (blood test).
  • Doctor’s assessment reports.
  • Pictures or videos of the patient (if relevant).

Upon getting in touch with us, a Liaison Officer evaluates and assigns the case to the specialist best equipped to treat the condition. A therapy, unique only to the patient, is drawn up and a price quoted accordingly.

Should you decide to proceed with therapy, our specialists require that all patients have Cancer Marker Screening performed in their country of residence before travelling to us for therapy. If the patient has had Cancer Marker Screening within the last 3 months, you may e-mail those results to us. In the event that the patient’s Cancer Marker Screening results are not satisfactory, our specialists will refuse to proceed with therapy. It is for this reason that we requests that patients have Cancer Marker Screening performed in their country of residence prior to travelling to us.

One week prior to arrival, a deposit payment is required in order to arrange accommodation and transportation.

Full payment is required to be made one-day prior to therapy commencement.

Post-treatment, our specialist will provide the patient with a post-treatment protocol as well as what to expect on his or her journey towards a better, and hopefully, healthier new life.


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